Riga, Latvia
March 4-5, 2006

I am so proud to let you know that our 2 new delightful cats L'Symphony Denny Dream of Alexanna and L'Symphony Elizaveta of Alexanna become show stars !

Liza has BIS kitten nomination on Saturday with judge Lee Stoop

Denny has Best Opposite Sex on Sunday with judge Lee Stoop

Denny on Judges tables on saturday
Liza with Judge Lee Selassa, from Holland Liza nominated for BIS Kitten but beated :(
Denny looking by judges W. Stoop from Switzerland & Lee Selassa from Holland for BIS on Sunday
And yes, Denny is Best Opposite Sex on sunday !!!! Liza stay in her show cage ;)
"Vanille and Chocolate Kisses" between Liza and the judge ~ Denni our wonderful Best Opposite Sex

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