13 May 2014:


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For more information about these kittens please contact me at: a.gubina@latnet.lv



Have your pet personally cared for while being escorted to your location.

We will personally travel with your kitten on the airlines to any given destination and we will place it directly into your hands .

Why is this the best way ?

Because your kitten will be delivered straight from point A to point B with minimum travel time and much less stress. We will take your kitten directly with us into the plane and choose non-stop flight to make it faster and easier for your kitten.

Kittens delivered personally are happier and don’t go through as much stress as kittens shipped by air cargo.


All breeder and show quality kittens will be sold with a contract before they leave home. Contracts are for the kittens protection and none will be sold without a contract. Breeder and show quality kittens are available by reservation. There is a waiting list at this time. E-mail me to be added. Kittens sold as family pets come with a spay/neuter agreement and an indoor only clause. Please tell me whether you are looking for a pet or if you are a fancier looking for breeder or show quality. Please, don't forget also let me know little about yourself, your breeding or show experience, goals, location you live and show in, what organization(s) you show in or plan to show in, etc.

I have various terms to indicate the relative availability of kittens:
Reserved, Sale Pending and Sold.

Reserved - Buyer has a very serious interest in the kitten, and will have first right if refusal, if I have another buyer that wants the kitten. Does not require a deposit.
Sale Pending - (generally) 1/3 deposit paid on kitten at about 8-10 weeks (unless buyer want to commit earlier) which is refundable if the kitten "goes off" and doesn't develop to the assessed quality, including such thing as a tooth off, poor coat factor, major ears, knee problems, etc. In other cases DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
Sold - The kitten is paid for and either shipped or to be shipped shortly. I keep my kittens for at least 16 weeks.

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