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Our PKD tested Himalajan cattery is since 2012 located in Canada, Montreal. after moving from Riga, Latvia (Europa) where we started breeding in 2001. We specialize in Himalajan all colors and tabby point. In our opinion, quality is much more important than quantity, so we only work in our breeding program with the best bloodlines. The kittens are raised in our home with children and our other animals.

We only work with top quality, strong lines, that have proved they will produce top-show Himalayan with excellent health.The lines we work with are Purring Army, Karabel, Dragonfyre, Sandypaws, Mountcascade, Oakheaven, Lion House, Teahs, Prancenpaws and a few more.

Our goal is to breed extreme type Persians with big round eyes and a sweet expression.Our cats are selected on type, heavy boning, coat quality, expression and last but not least, good health.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, and if you like our Himalajan, please visit us again. We are look forward to answering any questions that you might have about our cattery, our cats and kittens or just cat talk. You are most welcome contact us via e-mail, phone.

If you are looking for a quality kitten to show, or breeding or just a pet to love, please check our AVAILABLE PAGE.

The cats and kittens we sell are always in good health and will not leave our cattery before 12 weeks of age. They leave here with a certificate from the vet, with the necessary shots and pedigree. We will ship worldwide, but only to serious breeders. Our prices depend on quality of the cat and pedigree, but can be called reasonable.

Our males are not available for stud outside our cattery.

On June 27th of 2002 we got registered in CFA with the name of ALEXANNA, cattery CFA registration number is 201026.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our web site!

Montreal , Canada

Alexanna cattery
Montreal, Canada

tel. +1 438 985 2939

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